Sunday, 11 September 2011

This should be interesting...

From: Kelduum Revaan
Sent: 2011.09.11 01:25
To: Ivy League

Morning Maniac, then CEO of EVE University created the Ivy League alliance on September 17th 2006.

At that time, things were very different - there were next to no rules, certainly no SOP, and the Uni had been at war for about 2 months since it left The Big Blue and evacuated Geminate.

So, in honour of this, we're going to do something a little different...

For one Month, starting at downtime on September 18th and running until downtime on October 16th, E-UNI will be running with No Wartime Standard Operating Procedures at ALL.

During this time, members may run missions, haul, mine, and do anything they would normally be able to do during peacetime, whether there is a war or not.

If for some reason there is no war, then we will look into declaring one...

It's time to make a point and for everyone to see how bad it used to be, back when we had 4-5 pages of killboard losses per day from a couple of hundred E-UNI members.

You have just over a week to prepare, and when it starts there will be a poll for changing back to regular SOP - in the event we get over 50% of the membership voting for going back to normal, we will swap back.

Of course, theres nothing at all stopping you from following the SOP yourselves, but nobody will be policing it.

Kelduum Revaan

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