Sunday, 24 October 2010


So, just docked up, tired from my first WH Op, one held by EDROP no less. It was... interesting. Unfortunately I was flying CovOps but missed the pre-operation scouting and scanning of potential 'holes. I had been looking forward to helping out on that in particular, since I had a feeling that manning the picket once we got in-system was going go be less than thrilling.
And such it turned out to be. If it wasn't for the very knowledgeable folk in EDROP entertaining and educating us in turn in the Overwatch channel I'm not sure I could have stuck it out. Beyond getting the initial sites scanned down and bookmarked I was on perma-picket so I had a lot of time to pester the EDROP guys and the more knowledgeable Unistas with questions so it was kind of like an extended Q&A session in that sense.
A lot of the lack of activity was down to redundancy, which isn't a bad thing per se, there were just a lot of scouts from EDROP in the fleet already. Naturally, given the commanders knew their abilities better than unknowns from the Uni it was they who were sent into adjoining 'holes to scout and delve further into w-space.
It hasn't put me off though since I think in a smaller fleet where perhaps there are only a couple of scouts available as there normally are in Uni fleets, it would be a lot more hands on and busy.
There is the apparently controversial Wormhole Club in E-Uni that I think I'll have to see about joining. This was definitely an experience that I want to repeat albeit in a hopefully more intimate fleet rather than a virtual UniBlob™ W-Space Edition!
I'll have to keep an eye on the Unista blogs and grab some links to any posts from a hopefully more exciting perspective. But not now, time for bed...
As I thought he would, looks like Memoocan threw down a post on it too.
Progression's Horizon: Roll Out: "Broken debris littered the area. Flames winked out as atmosphere vented silently from the hulls and bodies floated aimlessly in space."


  1. Haha I have been catching up on your posts and the bit at the end made me smile. :P Great writing as always and you're always welcome in WHC. Scouts are vital in a WH op, since the DD is too busy blowing stuff up to watch their own backs :P Evemail me if you need anything

  2. Thanks Memo, I will. I'm "stuck" on cruisers while I tech myself up to t2 and crosstrain a bit so scouting will be my only way into WH fleets for a while.
    I appreciate the encouragement! :)