Friday, 29 October 2010

Nullsec Roaming

So, a couple of us little Unistas decided we wanted to learn a bit about solo PvP, maybe a bit about small gang PvP and sure, why not a smattering of nullsec PvP while we were at it. How hard could it be, right? Jump in a few T1 frigs and head to a border zone, grab our guns, head out and we'd soon be contracting corpses to Ubercado!

Yeah. Not quite. Night 1 of combat engagements left me with 1 dead Griffin and 1 dead pod. My wingmate received three dead Maulus'.
Talk about getting the wind let out of our sails. I personally think the Vagabond cheated, we clearly went in with 2 ewar boats against a Rifter expecting not much more than a scratch in return and the Vag had to come along and ruin our party. :D

Seriously though, some lessons to be learned, even if we were aced down in small order. A good hour or so wandering around a couple of nullsec systems drilled home that you just have to be aware of bubbles, not just in gates, but when bouncing from planets or belts. I got away with it one too many times and finally paid with my pod when heading for home after the Rifter/Vagabond engagement.

Neutrals aren't neutral. I'm far too used to Uni fleets where you go hunting the flashies and usually everyone knows well enough to stay away, or are actively hunting us anyway. Nullsec is different. We'd seen the Rifter in adjacent systems alone, and with a 'Ceptor so when we jumped in and didn't see the 'Ceptor, assumed we'd just found ourselves a tasty scrap metal meal. Maybe the Vaga was a friend, maybe he was bored. It was our mistake for assuming he'd stay out of the fight.

Frigates are cheap and it doesn't hurt nearly as much to lose them. That was one positve, I can afford to lose plenty of cheapfit frigs while learning.

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts on this again, and hopefully news of some kills (eventually).

Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like fun.


  2. Yeah, it was. If you fancy joining us, fire me off an EVEmail and I'll give you the details.