Friday, 17 June 2011

Argh! My Caracal!

Took a breeze down Rezbroko way looking for some action tonight. Found some, but was on the recieving end rather than dishing out some mass destruction of my own.
I was hunting a flashy RF Firetail in and out of the belts and flyby'd a Vagabond a time or two. That really should have been my cue to leave, but I wanted that Firetail!
I had the Firetail pinpointed on a belt and hit warp. When I get there however, the Vagabond was waiting at 2k. Got scrammed before I could warp and that was that. T2 Vulcan ACs are going to kick the shit out of a Caracal on a bad day and he wasn't having a bad day.
Kudos to Ridlaw Az.

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