Saturday, 4 June 2011

Where have all the cowboys C1 wormholes gone?

So... I resubbed, and have been back in game for about a week. I decided I wanted to go wormholing and though I'd go it alone, at least to try. To Hek then, where a shiny new Drake was purchased along with the required explody and shieldy things to make it work, and of course the skillbook to, you know, actually train Battlecruisers, since I'd never bothered previously.

Easy peasy, I thought. The next part should be even easier, since I actually like scanning and exploring. Drake into the parking lot (after getting her cherry popped against some evil scum Gallente Navy :D) and out comes the Heron. Oh the anticipation! Not one signature did I find, but five! Lords of Kobol, two of them are WHs, I'm going to be rich!

No. Not nearly. A C3 and a C4. Now I'm told that a C3 is maybe, just maybe doable in a Drake with omni-V skills, but I ain't got them.

To date, I've scanned down 11 WHs, all of which have been either over and above my capabilities or were occupied, or both.

Woe is me, and my poor Drake, whos talents are squandered hunting mission rats instead of ridding the universe of Sleeper scum.