Thursday, 9 June 2011

DUST 514

So an interesting interview was published by rockpapershotgun today, you can find the full article here and thanks also to Kelduum Revann for linking it over at EVE Uni forums or I wouldn't have read it.

I'm not sure what to think of their plans. I did find the following part interesting.

If you look at Modern Warfare or games like that, you see players dedicating enormous amounts of time, and what we’re offering players is that they’re not just going to be endlessly fighting the same battle and moving up and down some abstract leaderboard and unlocking gear. You’re actually going to be part of a universe. It’s not just another battle. It’s actually your planet and this bugger over here is trying to take it. You didn’t just spend the last two weeks moving up to position 58 and unlocking this gear. You spent it investing in this space! And these other guys over here, if you lose, they’re going to lose! And they’re not even involved, they just happened to be there. So there’s more at stake. I think it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of player it is going to attract. We were really interested in this idea. We thought, this is the kind of game that I’d like to play. We feel that there’s got to be other people out there too.

This really is the kind of game that I'd like to play. The experience of shooters on consoles has always been less than overwhelming for me so it'll be interesting to see just how different this one will be.

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  1. im not really into this type BUT i gotta say it looks pretty decent!