Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Is... uninpspiring. I don't mind it, I just don't think they should have released it until it was a bit more expansive. It feels like a tech demo, which is fine and dandy, but that's all there is going to be for a long time. I honestly doubt we'll get to interact in our avatars until next year, so releasing this now is premature. But it is pretty, I guess.

Not a whole lot of interest in the patch otherwise. The new turrets are neat, they could renamed the release Eyecandya between the turrets and Captains Quarters.

I've only scanned the release notes briefly but one thing stuck out, there are going to be some unhappy pilots who can't make themselves unprobeable. Well, it's not as if it was the only, or even a common, use for T3s anyway. Suck it up people.

I can't wait to get a $45 monocle for pennies once the scamming starts on the new store purchases though.

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