Monday, 6 June 2011

Imperian Age/Apocrypha Tour

Being in the Uni has a lot of perks. Skillbook reimbursements, free ship hulls during wartime and of course the friendly learning environment are all brilliant of course, but one thing that stands out is the events that the corp organizes for us all.

Last night we had a lore tour through some of the more interesting areas around Metropolis and was courtesy of the inestimable Rhavas who writes over at Interstellar Privateer and Mark 726 of EVE Travel, both of whos blogs I can now heartily recommend after giving them a read. We also had a handful of boats from the Corporation of Noble Sentiments along and an ILN escort since we'd be plunging in and out of lowsec.

Quoting from Ravas' AAR here,

We visited:

* Barkrik (The Hyperbole Nexus)
* Crielere (The Crielere Project)
* Malkalen (Ishukone Station, home of the Malkalen Incident)
* Sarum Prime III (The Mekhios Graveyard)
* Vitrauze (The first wormhole)
* Yulai (Concord Bureau & Yulai Graveyard)
* Seyllin (Seyllin I Shattered Planet)

We also briefly discussed the Titan at Luminaire, the graveyard at T-IPZB, the shuttle in Geztic, and the Traumark Installation in Saminer.

I had hoped to get some pictures taken, alas I was for but I did get to snap one at the tail end. This is Seyllin 1, a planet that was shattered, if I was following along properly, when the Empress of Amarr activated a super-weapon that somehow used isogen-5 isotopes to rip/bend space-time. A major consequence of this desperate action, which had been forced due to the heavy losses the Minmatar Elder fleet was inflicting on the Empire, was the creation of the wormholes that lead to w-space

Not a great shot since I was in a hurry to keep moving, but you can see the planet, the debris and the Uni/TORAH fleet to the right. I've not dabbled in PI but apparently this is a dead planet. No factories or whatever it is they use can be set up on it, and presumably the same can be said for all of the shattered planets. Interestingly, Rhavas or Mark726, can't remember which, said they crunched the numbers from the planets information and apparently it has a very low mass to volume ratio, such that it has an almost neglible gravity well. You could literally take off from the planets surface with nothing more than a standard jet engine.

The whole tour was full of interesting little tidbits like that, another one is that all the Shattered Planets orbit a particular class of blue star. So presumably there's some interaction between those stars and isogen-5? I don't know, but I do love lore and I've never really immersed myself in EVEs. My plan, when I get the time, is to re-trace the tours footsteps and take some new pictures of everything that I missed.


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